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March 2, 2006

¡» Good news for ladies with big cup sizes!In February of 2006,this company offers a washing set,Care-she Bra-washing set,for C and D cup sizes to give you a convenient way to wash your clothes daily.


¡» In October 2005 we published ¡¥Practical UG NX II Advanced Strategy¡¦. The book adopts the latest NX II as teaching material, focuses on all new functions and setting details, and provides detailed descriptions and samples for practice. It also includes partial introduction and description of the NX3¡¦s new functions for reference.


¡» In May 2005, our product ¡¥Care-She Brassiere Cleaning Ball was selected as the hottest product of the month. Its design assures easy laundry in washing machine without deformation of the brassiere. It¡¦s an revolutionary product that cares for lady¡¦s needs.


¡» In October 2004 our company published ¡¥Practical UG NX II Novice Guide¡¦. As UG continuously develops and upgrades, O-Sun Technology Co. plans to publish a series of UG CAD/CAM reference books for the new version, model, and functions of the product.